Best Indian Food Restaurants In Barranquilla Near Me

DeliAsia CASA JHARIKANDA la casa de Juan Zaitún Caribe Biblos 1973 Comida Arabe | Restaurante Árabe de Barranquilla Okra Restaurante Perú Caribe baq SARAB Restaurante Cuzco El Baaluly Pizzeria The Meeting Point M Cocina Árabe Casa Independiente

1. Restaurante y variedades el sabor San juanero - Barranquilla

· 1 reviews

Cl. 31 #14-21, Sur Orient, Barranquilla, Atlántico, Colombia

Restaurante y variedades el sabor San juanero: what do users think?

Jorge Mario Rua Cardona: Super good lunch

2. DeliAsia - Barranquilla



· 149 reviews

Cra. 66 #80-60, Riomar, Barranquilla, Atlántico, Colombia

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DeliAsia: what do users think?

Pritesh Shah: Very nice Restaurant. They will prepare Indian food for you if you inform 1 day in advance. We had very delicious Indian food for lunch and dinner.

Daniele “Strae” P: Owner is really kind and the food amazing!

andrea cardona: Good service

Leidy Palomino: The Food is so delicious

G E: Best Asian food in Barranquilla.

Carolina Betancur Valencia: Food was a bit too salty.

Jose G Preciado P: Good place

Denish Patel: Nice place

Joseph Crawford: Quiet place attended by its owners. The prices are reasonable and the service is valid and friendly. The seasoning is very authentic and the portions are generous. We were the first people to try the new addition to the menu: Ramen. I am happy to report that if you want a real Ramen worthwhile in the city, this is the place.

3. CASA JHARIKANDA - Barranquilla

· 220 reviews

Cra. 47 #79-178, Nte. Centro Historico, Barranquilla, Atlántico, Colombia

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CASA JHARIKANDA: what do users think?

Cara: I ordered the stuffed onion. They told me it would take a bit longer to make this. It was worth the wait! The veggie burger was huge as well!

Larry Rivero: Great experience, was surprised at the quality of the food, will definitely visit again

Maynard Dodson: Good vegetarian food here

carmen adriana blanco niño: It is an exceptional place for the quality of its vegan food, the family atmosphere, the privacy, the prices and the attention

Jorge Luis Mejía Narváez: Excellent place to enjoy vegetarian food, very cozy and good flavor in meals. The service staff is very friendly.

Elizabeth Orellano: Excellent attention, the food is delicious and in good portions, they give tea and dessert at the end, good price. Recommended.

Andrea Quintero: The place offers an exquisite meal, as well as a calm and pleasant atmosphere that inspires calm and harmony. The attention is very good, the people who attend are very attentive and helpful.

4. Restaurante Jazahi - Barranquilla

· 0 reviews

Cl. 42 #41-26, Nte. Centro Historico, Barranquilla, Atlántico, Colombia

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5. la casa de Juan - El Edén 2000

· 10 reviews

cra 35c2 #83b64, Suroccidente, Atlánticob, Barranquilla, Atlántico, Colombia

la casa de Juan: what do users think?

Julian Ramirez: Nature and tranquility.

Carlos Velásquez Giraldo: Spectacular !!!

6. Zaitún Caribe - Barranquilla

· 290 reviews

Doral Plaza, Cl. 79 #51b-26 Local 3, Nte. Centro Historico, Barranquilla, Atlántico, Colombia

Address WhatsApp
Zaitún Caribe: what do users think?

Zain Rasul: Great food and amazing service, will definitely be back soon!

Ong Eric: Nice!

Antonio Pineda: Great food, Alex is in the right path with his experiments with the food.

Pedro Wightman: Excellent food!

Jose Miguel Leiva: Best wraps in BAQ

David Cybul: Fantastic

levy roman: Super

Mariana Gloria: Delicious food and excellent service. It is pet friendly inside! And the air cools full.

7. Biblos 1973 Comida Arabe | Restaurante Árabe de Barranquilla - Barranquilla

· 607 reviews

Cra. 51B #82-187, Nte. Centro Historico, Barranquilla, Atlántico, Colombia

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Biblos 1973 Comida Arabe | Restaurante Árabe de Barranquilla: what do users think?

Nesir Mann: It was amazing to have Lebanese food in Colombia and the staff was absolutely great. This place has some great history (check photos on the wall)! The owner Jonathan was very hospitable to me and my buddies that were visiting, overall it was a 5 star experience and I recommend it to everyone!

Ali Alvi: Nice place with good food. Hookah only has one flavor, double apple.

Omair Balkhi: Best restaurant with the best owner in all of Colombia! Jonthon was super hospitable and great to me and my friends who came to visit. We enjoyed delicious Lebanese cuisine in Colombia which was very unique and fun for us. 5 stars!!

Karar: Amazing restaurant and really great food. The owner and the waiters were very welcoming and I highly recommend this place if you visit Barranquilla

Juan Carlos Pizarro: I had the Biblos steak one of the best steaks I’ve had lately, the chimichurri was delicious so it was the Kibes and the almond rice. I would recommend this place to anyone who loves good food.

Zahra A: I’ve been here a few times as a girl from the east coast of the United States. I love the integrated Lebonese culture with the Colombians from the city of Baranquilla (home to Shakira and Sophia Vergara). The food here has been really rich with flavor and savory. In addition, the hospitality from the two owners has been exceptional. Try their chicken shawarma:) it’s really delicious 😋

Carolina Díazgranados Pertúz: Loved the food, love the Arabian dancer. And it has a convenient little park for kids I the back. Recommended 👌🏻👌🏻

D. Allen: Amazing food, so varied and delicious! If you like Middle Eastern food,you will LOVE this place!!!

Mike Farr: Delicious food, family atmosphere, reasonable prices. Without a doubt the best place in town for Arab Food!

8. Benito Juárez Tex-Mex & Margaritas Benito 53 - Barranquilla

· 2049 reviews

Cra. 53 #80-167, Nte. Centro Historico, Barranquilla, Atlántico, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp
Benito Juárez Tex-Mex & Margaritas Benito 53: what do users think?

Justin: Went here after having a drink at City Drinks next door. Service was very good and they brought chairs to the table outside for me and my girl since the inside was full. The atmosphere was great and the nachos we had were beyond delicious. As an American this definitely surpasses any TexMex I’ve had in my country. Recommended!

Eric P: So yummy, I hope they open one in medellin and expand to the United States! I’m posting pictures from 3 different locations that I tried in the week that I was in Barranquilla

Manickam Dhayalan: Wow... Wonderful place to hangout... Good ambience... Good quality food & good service... Real Mexican food & good spicy... Reasonable cost... - review from an Indian visitor 😊

SFMF IGY6: Best "Mexican" food in Barranquilla.

Giancarlo Vásquez DI Ruggiero: The service takes a little bit of time but the flavours of the food compensate for that. Take advantage of the 2x1 in margaritas they are good! Specially the Tamarindo one.

jhonn casas: The food was excellent. Is an inexpensive place. But the attention was slow

Hansel Ospino (hospino11): Nice place, they serve excellent Mexican food. You can take reservations for easy access or going at casual moment.

9. Okra - Barranquilla

· 244 reviews

CASA LA INDEPENDIENTE, Cra. 55 #75-67, Nte. Centro Historico, Barranquilla, Atlántico, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp
Okra: what do users think?

Gregorio B: Even though we arrived and did not have a reservation, the staff helped and gave us a nice table in the middle of the main salon. Light was a little dim for our taste, but it was not a problem. Music volume was perfect. Our waiters were very kind and solved out doubts about the menu. Food was delicious. We had gravlax bruscheta, shrimp and grits, and angus brisket. The shrimp were the best. Great combination of sweet and salty flavours. Okra is a great place for lunch/dinner, no doubt about it!

Triggerseye Lobato: Beautiful restaurant, great food!! Loved it very peaceful and the staff is very kind.Food: 4/5 | Service: 4/5 | Atmosphere: 4/5 …More

Diana Morales: GREAT food, Nice drinks and fair prices. I went twice in my last trip to Barranquilla and both times the food was amazing and the staff super friendly.The only recommendation is to double check the stocking of the bar some cocktails were out of the menu.

Angie Mercado Ching: Pork belly entry to die for <3, good service and music, great entries and cocktails...Parking space Not sure …More

Mariluz L: It was awesome, delicious food and nice band. A bit unfortunate was that the audio was too loud so it was hard to talk but the music was niceFood: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

CINDY LYNCH: Very nice decorated, great service, and the food was delicious. I ordered the veal dip, saganaki and crab cakes for appetizers, and our party ordered the risotto whiskey was excellent, the atún en costra, also good and the lomo in corozo sauce which was very hard although the meat was cooked medium.

Jose Torres: Superb food. Great atmosphere

Juan Ibanez: Great food, try the lamb appetizer

Evan Dore: Amazing food!!!

10. Restaurante Perú Caribe baq - Barranquilla

· 186 reviews

Cl. 93 #51-37 Local 2, Riomar, Barranquilla, Atlántico, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp
Restaurante Perú Caribe baq: what do users think?

Fulvio Landi: My best experience on gourmet Peruvian dishes ever, I strongly Recommend

Anastasia Shchigoleva: Delicious food, nice hosts. The portions are very big

Prisca Gayles: Great service, great food, great pisco sour!

Jose G Preciado P: Good food, cozy but small.

ED3R RAM: Nice

Aero Robots6: Excellent place and amazing food.


11. SARAB - Barranquilla

· 707 reviews

Cra. 52 #85-51, Riomar, Barranquilla, Atlántico, Colombia

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SARAB: what do users think?

Gregorio B: We finally got to visit this restaurant. It was really good. If you like arab/Lebanese cuisine this is a place you must visit. I had the steak Sarak, meat with sesame sauce, delicious. Will come back.

Maria Feris: Today I came in for a quick bite! Quibe, tabule and for my sweet tooth knafeh. As always... delicious, spectacular customer service, and a great environment to gather with family and friends. Thank you to the team of Sarab for taking care of us like family.

Dory Benami: Baranquilla is known for its Arabic food. The most beautiful people in colombia are here because of the Lebanese blood line. If you want to try the best and most authentic Lebanese food go to this restaurant. Tony, the owner, originally from north Lebanon prepares amazing kibbe, hummus, tabouli and lentil soup. I was amazed, the quality and freshness were apparent in every bite. We drove 2.5 hours from Cartagena just to try it and we were not let down.

Samantha Gwinn: One of my favorite restaurants in Barranquilla!!

12. Restaurante Cuzco - Barranquilla

· 1293 reviews

Cra 52 #76-188 Local 1, Casa Quinta, Barranquilla, Atlántico, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp
Restaurante Cuzco: what do users think?

TE Alba B: Delicious culinary gem in Barranquilla, Colombia. Extremely exquisite Peruvian culinary. Excellent service . We had grilled octopus , fish ceviche and several other delicacies in the great menu. The music Latino band was great. Hardly can wait to go back !! Compliment to the chef!!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👏👏👏

Jeffrey Sieg: A friend took me to Cuzco. Probably the best meal I have ever had in my life. It was very good and the dessert was the icing on the cake.

Grzegorz Modesan: The best Cuzco in Colombia ;) Live music, great service, delicious food, even better than Cuzco Bogota!

B Rivera: Food was good desert was great. Service was awesome also.

Elbert Cortez: Somewhat expensive but the experience and food is worth it.

Ruairi Meban: Nice Peruvian cuisine. Beautiful restaurant, bilingual staff and live music.

Gautam Mohata: Excellent food and service.

Allie: One of the best Peruvian restaurants in town. I totally recommend it

13. El Baaluly - Barranquilla

· 89 reviews

Cra. 47 #82-60, Nte. Centro Historico, Barranquilla, Atlántico, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp
El Baaluly: what do users think?

Leoncio Falquez: expectacular

Alberto di Colloredo Mels: It is a very “simple” restaurant. Delicious Arabic food and its owner provides incredible care that is uncomplicated and full of empathy. The Kibbes are the best I have eaten in the city and everything is delicious

Juan Carlo Alvarez: Sooooooo good. Free coffee and tea. Chicken and spinach fatayer warm and tasty, spectacular mixed plate. Delicious eggplant tahini, amazing quibes and super fragrant spiced almond rice. Good prices, good service.

Marlyn Barboza: Nice Food. Good prices. The site does not honor the delicacies that one finds there. A little organization and decoration would make a difference. Something positive is being served by the Owner, who is friendly. I will come back many times

Darío Niebles: Excellent Lebanese food, a very homemade flavor, well spiced and spectacular attention.

Kevin Heinz De Leon Villarreal: Arabic food, of immense quality. The best we have tried! Without a doubt, a gastronomic treasure.

G Ch.: The place is simple, its service is basically to take away but excellent food and the owner is very attentive and friendly.

Andrés Aldana: Spectacular! Exquisite mixed platter! 💯

andres alberto moreno angulo: It is excellent, the food and the attention 10 out of 10.

Luis Parra: Excellent attention from the owner. The food was excellent. Definitely no bad point. As an extra bonus you can order coffee as a courtesy on the house

14. Pizzeria The Meeting Point - Barranquilla

· 1263 reviews

Cra. 61 #68-98, Nte. Centro Historico, Barranquilla, Atlántico, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp
Pizzeria The Meeting Point: what do users think?

Shannon Murphy: Good pizza, casual comfortable restaurant. Has a nice family vibe and lots of pizzas to choose from.

Joseph Crawford: Excellent pizza place, managed by its Italian owner. Pizzas are authentic, the service is great and the menu is resolución varied. They only serve "personal" pizzas, but are big enough for a couple. Good ambiance, quiet and cozy place. I recommend the "meeting point" pizza on their menu, truly fresh ingredients. It has no parking and no air conditioning, but the place is cool enough with fans.

Mauricio V: Very good authentic pizza in a nice cozy place. The staff is friendly and the owner is always around to chat. You can tell he cares about his craft

Marcos Hidalgo: Nice relaxing spot, pizza was pretty decent.Food: 4/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

Ben Dailey: Going to sound funny, but this place has legit, authentic, italian pizza. Owner is Italian. small casual place with a good vibe and great pizza.

Kiona Padilla: Delicious pizzas! We really enjoyed the focaccia bread (a little too much because we didn’t have enough room to finish our pizzas) and the pizzas were great. I had the Búfala and my boyfriend had the Principessa. He is very picky with his balsamic and he gave their balsamic two enthusiastic thumbs up.

Oliver Hillig: Nice and cosy restaurant, friendly staff, nice owner and the food was really good. It’s also recommended from lonely planet and I can honestly say that I would come back do sure!

15. M Cocina Árabe Casa Independiente - Barranquilla

· 47 reviews

Cra. 55 #75 - 67 C 4, Nte. Centro Historico, Barranquilla, Atlántico, Colombia

Address Website WhatsApp
M Cocina Árabe Casa Independiente: what do users think?

Jerry: Excellent service and the food was good.

Guillermo Sierra P.: Great food and service!Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

Jefferson Kim: Solid. Almond desert great. Rappi great.

Mr. Thumb: Starters are good.

Mariana Gloria: Delicious Arabic food in Barranquilla. Good atmosphere and service.

Javier Ariza De La Hoz: Excellent place, food and atmosphere 10 points

Boris Baena: many restaurants together

Omar Martinez: An excellent place, good food and an excellent craft beer

Consuelo Martinez: Excellent service delicious Arabic food

Ricardo Bernal Rodriguez: Very good service, very nice food and the place very well decorated

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